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For Photographers – My New Toy – FujiFilm Instax 210

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The first thing I want to say is that I am under no illusion that people read my blog, let alone other photographers.  I in no way think that the way I do things is the correct way and I am not writing these posts to tell people how to shoot or how to run their businesses.  I am however going to be writing about my experiences; my failures, my successes, etc.  If these posts help anyone, great!  If not; no big deal.

That being said…

For my first “For Photographers” post I am starting with a little fun.  Here is my new toy.  A FujiFilm Instax 210!

I am a digital shooter as most wedding photographers are.  I cherish my Canon 5D2’s as they are the best cameras I have found for what I shoot.  But I also like to have a little fun with my job and I thought a little polaroid-type camera would do the trick.  After frequenting one of my favourite online photography stores; Photojojo, I found the camera shown above and decided that it was the perfect thing to bring along to some weddings.

Natalie & Casey (my wedding from last Saturday) were the test couple for my new little fella and it printed out some great shots!

Depending on the wedding (and my current stock of film at the time) the Instax will be coming along sporadically.

The nice thing about this is that once I get the pictures back to my computer; I scan the shots.  This way I have a digital copy.  Then when I am sending the couple their DVD of images they also have a nice little package of instant prints to look at too.  I think it’s a fun way to add a little value and a gift for my clients.

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