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Pinterest – I’m late to the Party

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As the title states; I was late to the Pinterest party.  The first I really knew about Pinterest was when some wedding blogs starting talking about inspiration boards with pretty pictures and the like.  I sorta let is just fly right over my head and didn’t pay it a second thought.  Then I had a bride send me her engagement shoot inspiration board and I will admit that I was mortified.  I went straight into defense mode.  I emailed my bride and explained to her that I don’t copy other photographers work and that I like to just shoot in the moment and that her inspiration board would be of no help to me because *blah, blah, blah*.  I was wrong.

I checked out Pinterest properly for the first time a few days later and realized what an amazing tool it really is.  I made sure I appologized profusely to said bride and thankfully she understood.  And then I signed up for my own account.

I’m not fully utilizing Pinterest for all it can do yet, I’m still a beginner at ‘pinning’,  but I am getting a lot out of it and you can too!

Here is one of my boards.  I have a thing for vintage and vintage style posters, so I have started ‘pinning’ some posters that I like for when I am ready to invest in some redecorating.

And here is the grand total of 5 board that I have; Business Cards – for when I’m ready for a re-design of my current cards, Book Shelves – for ideas to contain my wife’s ever growing collection of books, Wedding Rings – because I’m a sucker for a good detail shot, Washington DC – for great posters/photographs of this amazing place where I live and Posters – to assuage my design fetishes.

My boards are all kind of dorky.  But the possibilities for brides are endless!  You can pin EVERYTHING and save the ideas for later.  Any flowers you see that you like, dresses for your bridesmaids, props for photo-booths, shoes, jewelry…  Like I said; you can pin EVERYTHING!  Just think of Pinterest as your new scrap book which allows you to save way more ideas that any book could and in a much tidier and well organized manner!

You might also notice that I now have a ‘Pin It’ button on each of my blog posts so that if you want to you can pin some of my images to your inspiration boards.  And for anyone interesting in following me on Pinterest; check me out here; http://pinterest.com/goslingphoto/.

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