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Meet Janice from Bellwether Events

Washington DC Wedding Photographer: Stephen Gosling Photography

This post is going to serve two purposes;
1.  Meeting Janice from Bellwether Events (awesome planner)
2.  Showing you the other side to my business (I shoot weddings and other things too!)

1.  Say hello to Janice!

Janice is the wonderful planner who runs Bellwether Events.  We corresponded a little last week over twitter about taking some new portraits for her to use as a Twitter profile photo.  At the same time another conversation was going on with a different photographer about a cool location and both Janice and me loved the spot and decided to have the shoot there.  I went down to the location a day before the shoot to scope it out and figure out how I was going to shoot it. Here is the location;

The vintage posters just looked so cool that we had no choice but to go and shoot there!  And the distressed brick wall looked pretty awesome too.

* Side-note; this wall is next to the Department of Transportation in S.E. Washington, DC.  Government security guards and police people can be pretty unnerved by photography sometimes, especially when you are using tripods or lightstands.  So I asked a security guard who was close by if I was allowed to shoot in the spot I wanted too, and I was was allowed to set up a tripod/lightstand.  He quizzed me a little about what I was going to be shooting and he said it sounded fine, but just to be sure, that I should go into the Dept. of Transportation building and ask the security supervisor on duty.  Diligently I did.  I spoke to the lady at the security desk and then to the supervisor (over the phone) and I was assured everything was OK as long as it was stills (not video) only.  Lovely.  The day of the shoot (the next day) everything went fine.  But another security guard whom I had not spoken too on the previous day did come up and inquire as to what I was doing but was placated when I told her that I was shooting stills only.  Moral or this little side-note story.  Be nice to the people who can ruin your shoot and check to make sure you can do what you want to do.  Or, do it fast before they can throw a spanner in the works!

I love this next photo.  When I shoot portraits I usually talk to my subjects.  Whilst we are talking I keep shooting hoping to get some great relaxed/non-posed stuff.  I love this next shot of Janice because it just looks so dreamy.  And the wind helped us out a ton!  Did I mention how windy it was?  It was gusting like crazy! I had 2 sandbags holding down 1 lightstand and it was still swaying a little in the wind!

Isn’t Janice awesome!  Thanks for being a good sport and an awesome subject!

2.  The other side of Stephen Gosling Photography.

If you’re reading this blog then you are of course familiar with my wedding work…  And for clarification here are the links;
Wedding website – www.goslingphotography.com
Wedding blog – www.goslingphotographyblog.com

But there is another side to me and my work.  I shoot editorial and commercial portraits (and a little NBA basketball here and there).
Portrait website – www.goslingphoto.com
Portrait blog – www.goslingphotoblog.com

The reason why I brought this up is; most of my wedding work is naturally lit and shot in a documentary style.  However, I decided that I wanted to shoot Janice’s portraits in a more editorial style that incorporated studio lighting in an environmental setting.  All of the shots of Janice were shot with a studio strobe with a beauty dish attached.  This is the type of work that is featured on my other sites seen (in snapshot form) below…

Website – www.goslingphoto.com

Blog – www.goslingphotoblog.com

Any questions?

Contact Stephen about your wedding – stephen@goslingphotography.com
View Stephen’s Wedding Portfolio – www.goslingphotography.com

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