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Saying Hello Through the Power of Instagram

Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer: Stephen Gosling Photography

I have noticed on a couple of different blogs now that some people are showing off their instagram photos.  I too, like the huddled masses, am a huge fan of the application.  I however do not use it as much as I should.  I am still in the mind of; my phone is a phone, and it takes me a little while to remember that it is actually a camera too!  To remedy that I am going to try and take more photos with instagram and hopefully post some updates here on the blog every month or so.

To get us started.  Here is a selection of most of my instagrams to date (with a little narrative too)…

My wife and I taking our Toms out for a walk
A pretty tasty looking wedding cake at a wedding I shot with MK
Waiting for a coffee whilst people check out their phones

My view from the end of a Wizards game
Editing portraits of John Wall from the Wizards Media day 2012
A shot of mine from a shoot I did with JaVale McGee that was in the Metro paper one morning

Mavourneen laughing it up on the way from the church to DC for wedding pics
My trusty little camera bag; a Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home
Me (I like to wear hats)

I liked the light hitting the New York Times on this news stand
A shot from the back of my camera at a Wizards game
Sitting outside the Newseum waiting for a consult

My Bronica medium format camera; she is broken 🙁
A save the date from one of my couples
Editing April & Brendan’s wedding pics

April & Brendan’s wedding cake from the back of my camera
A package from Canon!
A pic from a location scouting trip for a portrait shoot

Some paper backgrounds I have for portrait shoots
My lighting gear in its spot next to the dining table
My lighting equipment setup for a portrait shoot

A vanilla latte for me – WITH MY NAME SPELLED WRONG!!!
Rain on my car window and the sun coming out
Some wedding albums

The mess that is my work desk
An awesome seal on the back on a wedding invite from one of my May 2012 couples

My morning coffee in my favourite coffee mug (I bought it on my honeymoon)
One of many ‘to do’ lists I write
Another awesome save the date

Some gifts form Canon Professional Services
One of MANY camera t-shits I own
Some camera film for my broken camera 🙁

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