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Seattle, Washington

Washington DC Wedding Photographer: Stephen Gosling Photography

One of my closest friends was born in Seattle.  He moved over to the north of England when he was young and then I met him in high school.  We have been firm friends ever since (which makes him my second oldest friend).  All through my childhood I remember hearing how great Seattle was was his family’s numerous trips back to their mother land.  A few years ago my friend decided he’d had enough of England and pick up sticks and went right back to Seattle (shortly followed by his brother and then him Mum and Dad).  It has been a huge error on my part that I haven’t managed to finally visit until recently.  But now I finally have and apart from being surprised by how hilly it was, it lived up to every expectation!

And please forgive these first two photos; but I’ve never actually taken a photograph whilst in flight before!

Our first few days of the trip we actually didn’t see Seattle at all.  We drove up to the north-west coast of Washington state and camped on a beach with an incredible view of the pacific ocean.  During high tide (at about 2pm and 2am) the waves were no more than 15ft from our tents.  Such an amazing experience!

There was this enveloping fog that enclosed us and made us feel like we were the only people comping on that beach!

To get too and form the camp site we had a 4 mile hike through a rain-forest!  Bucket list item checked off.

This was the view from the ferry taking us to Edmonds which is just outside of Seattle.  Some of the most incredible scenery I have ever seen was on this camping trip and the journeys too and from the site.

These next two pictures are not specifically Seattle apart from the fact that they were taken there.  The first in the cover of my friends beer journal (he is a micro-brewer) and the second is of a small sculpture close to the space needle.  I just think they work really well as a diptych.

Needless to say my coffee addiction was well stoked.

And now for a little instagram to finish the post!

And the camera above; my Fujifilm x100 was my partner in crime.  I am loving this camera more and more every time I shoot with it.  And it was much lighter than lugging around all my usual wedding gear!

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  • Olga @ MangoTomato - Gorgeous photos! I saw the side of Seattle I’ve never experienced before. So glad you had a great time.ReplyCancel

  • Serena Severtson - Awesome photos! The gorgeous light in those rainforest photos is blowing my mind.

    I’ve actually never been to Seattle, but I suppose now I have to visit…ReplyCancel

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