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An Apology, an Explanation & some Questions

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Alas, I feel as if I owe you an apology.  I set myself certain goals of blogging more regularly, but work and life got in the way a little recently.  I am well in the midst of the autumn wedding season, am busy editing September weddings and planning for the October ones.  One of the weddings happens to be in Puerto Rico so I am also planning that out and on top of it all; the wife and I have just bought our first home!!!

I just wanted to offer this brief explanation and apology.  And a promise which I will try my hardest to keep to blog on a more regular schedule.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask you guys a couple of questions…  Out of the few people that I know you read this blog; there are photographers and clients, so I have some questions for the both of you…

1.  What would you like me to blog about?  If you had the choice; what would you like to read about that I am not currently blogging?

2.  As a client; if you had the choice; how would you prefer your images to be delivered to you?  On a DVD, on a Flash Drive, or as a website download?

3.  As a photographer that reads this; what would you like to learn from me/my experiences?

I think that’s it…  Feel free to email me your answers/questions or put them below in the comments section…  And thank you, as always, for your support!

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  • Margaret - I love reading your blog! Don’t apologize – we are lucky fans who get excited to see your posts, but you aren’t letting us down.

    It’s so fun to see your real wedding blog posts. Your work is always so beautiful. It would be cool to hear your insights on your favorite venues and vendors. As a client, was good to know who you like to work with and who you think is the best.

    Also as a client, I am obsessed with the DVD! The cover is so amazing and it’s great to pop in the DVD player and scroll through the images on the big screen.ReplyCancel

  • katie yuen - I’d love to see images of your new home!!!!!!! No need to apologize, just do your best! Blogging is tough!ReplyCancel

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