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2013 – Goals & Musings

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2012 was yet another banner year for me and my little company.  Since moving to the DC area back in 2007 things have just continued to get better and better not only for my business but also for my life.  Each year has brought my wife and I new and continued successes and I am so hopeful and excited for what 2013 is going to bring.

Some things to get excited about in both my business & personal worlds;

1.  MOVING!!!  By the time March rolls around we will have been living in our very small one bedroom apartment for almost 6 years.  When we moved to Clarendon we didn’t have very many things (being in our early 20’s) so the 525 square feet was more than enough space for us.  But now, almost 6 years later, we have most definitely outgrown the place.  We’re not moving far away though.  We have found a wonderful condo in Old Town, Alexandria to move in to!  It is currently being built and is scheduled to be finished in March of 2013.  We can not tell you how excited we are for the move!!!  And on a business level; it is super exciting because I will actually have a separate room for my office!  I will do a before and after blog post of my office once it is complete, and I’ll also include shots of how I’m currently working.  The difference is going to be massive!!!

2.  PUPPY!!!  This one sort of ties into the moving section but it is so important I feel that is deserves its own bullet point.  Once we move, we will finally be able to add a dog to our family.  Because of some allergies I have we are a little restricted about what kind of dog we can have but thanks to some diligent research on my wife’s part we have found the dog for us!  Some of you will already know what we’re getting but for those of you that don’t; I’ll keep it a surprise.  Needless to say as soon as the little tike joins the Gosling clan, I will become one of those people who constantly posts pictures of their dog.  And who knows, maybe he will even come out to a few sessions with me.

3.  New Branding – I very much love my website and the design I have been using for the past few years.  But there a few parts of it that are just not working for me and they need to be modified to fit into the vision that I have for my company.  This is not going to be a quick process and probably wont be rolled out until the summer.  But keep your eyes peeled because some changes are coming this way!

4.  A Connecticut Wedding – One of my favourite couples of all time; Ali & Pat, have thus far sent me two other brides, I am going to have to put them on some sort of commission if they send me any more.  And one of the couples they have sent my way is getting married up in Mystic, Connecticut at the Mansion (Eolia) at Harkness Memorial State Park.  I can not explain how excited I am for that!!!

5.  Another NYC Shoot (or two) – Still in the formative planning stages but I am hoping they come through for February!  It is always a pleasure to head back to NYC, and to photograph there is awesome!

6.  An improved client experience – This one sort of ties in to the new branding.  I’ll be stepping up my client experiences with a few surprises.  If you want to find out how – BECOME A CLIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or just wait for the blog posts that are sure to explain.

7.  More blogging – I did a little look back over the past few years and I discovered that in 2010 I blogged around 50 entries (once every 6-ish days), in 2011 I blogged around 70 entries (once every 5-ish days) and in 2012 I blogged around 115 entries (once every 3-ish days).  I am never going to be one of those people who blogs every day because to be honest I just don’t have it in me.  I am planning on taking it up just a little.  So for those of you who are not yet bored of me, get ready for more of me!

8.  A Book (possibly) – I have been toying around with an idea for a book for a while now.  Not a book about my photography per se, but a book about my business.  And more specifically about how I started my business during a recession, without going a single penny into debt, and grew that business consistently more and more each year.  Do you know anyone who would be interested in something like that?


I am not usually one for lots of writing when it comes to my blog posts; I like to let the pictures do the work for me.  But this one has been, shall we say; overly wordy.  So with all that said, let me leave you with one of my favourite pictures from 2012.  And here’s to seeing you all soon in 2013!

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  • Amanda Truth - I’m so excited for you for this year! I can’t wait to see your new branding, and I would totally read that book of yours, so get writing!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ali - Great list! You know what will make the Mystic wedding even better? IF YOU BRING THE NEW PUPPY!! =)ReplyCancel

  • rachel - Can’t wait for the puppy post 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Simone Fox - I heavily approve of the book idea! I’d read it…ReplyCancel

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