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The first thing I want to say is that I am under no illusion that people read my blog, let alone other photographers.  I in no way think that the way I do things is the correct way and I am not writing these posts to tell people how to shoot or how to run their businesses.  I am however going to be writing about my experiences; my failures, my successes, etc.  If these posts help anyone, great!  If not; no big deal.

Hello there!  I wanted to talk just a little bit about Facebook and how I use my Facebook Business Page.

Lets get the self-promotion out of the way first.  Come and like my page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stephen-Gosling-Photography/72042393298

Now.  I am hardly an authority on the best way to use Facebook as a tool to increase your business, but for photographers; having a Facebook Business Page seems to be a must so I thought in honour of me recently (finally) amassing over 500 ‘likes/fans’ (whatevers) I would talk about how I use my page and what it does for me.

First of all; I DO NOT FRIEND REQUEST MY COUPLES!!!  I wait to see if they friend request me.  This goes more to the personal side of Facebook which I honestly don’t really use all that much.  I don’t want my couples/clients to feel uncomfortable with me friend requesting them.  I don’t want to put them in a position where they turn me down because they don’t want me to see all of their Facebook activity.  People use Facebook in different ways, some are uber free with their thoughts and feelings and others play it closer to the chest.  So, I wait for my couples/clients to send me a request and then I accept that.  If they don’t want to be friends on Facebook; then that is totally fine.

Secondly (& most importantly); I use Facebook to promote my blog.  Whenever I post a new blog post, I promote said blog post by updating the status of my Facebook Business Page with the blog url.  This helps me get more traffic to my blog (which is what I want!).  The people who then read the blog post usually ‘like’ the post and then their Facebook friends see that pop up on their page/feed and if they have an interest; they may click through and view the post.

Thirdly; If I am friends with the couple (or one member of the couple) and I have their permission; I post the shots from their blog post, into a Facebook gallery.  I tag them, and let them know that they should tag their friends (or have their friends tag themselves).  This usually gets me some more ‘fans/likes’ to my page as people from the wedding click through to the pictures and see themselves.  I think the way I have my page permissions set up; they have to ‘like’ my page before they can tag themselves.

Lastly; I DO NOT USE PAID ADVERTS!!!  They just don’t work.  They just don’t.  Save your money, and invest in your business is a real way; buy better equipment, invest in your website or blog.  You’ll see far more come from these avenues than any money you put into Facebook or on a similar vain; Google.

People will of course ‘un-like’ my page if I post to it too much so I try to keep it under control.  I usually promote a wedding or engagement blog post twice on my Facebook Business Page (once in the morning and once in the afternoon), and any business related or other posts I usually just promote once (in the morning).

There are many other way I could be utilizing my page.  I see other photographers out there with thousands of ‘likes/fans’ and to be honest; I would like to have that many people like my page too, but I try not to worry about it too much.  My fan-base has been steadily rising as I post more content and it makes me happy to see it going in the right direction.  I usually try to concentrate on making my couples happy first, then I work on my blog, then my website, then Twitter and then I work on Facebook.  So sometimes, with it being left until last; it can become a little neglected.  But I am working on that!  I am going to see in what ways I can increase traffic through my Facebook Business Page, so stay tuned!

And if you have any ideas on how to help me become a globally dominant force on Facebook, then just leave me a comment!

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