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The first thing I want to say is that I am under no illusion that people read my blog, let alone other photographers.  I in no way think that the way I do things is the correct way and I am not writing these posts to tell people how to shoot or how to run their businesses.  I am however going to be writing about my experiences; my failures, my successes, etc.  If these posts help anyone, great!  If not; no big deal.

Twitter.  Yep, Twitter.  I remember when Twitter first came out and like most people I had absolutely no idea what it was, and I was very skeptical about how it could help my business.  Let me say this; I couldn’t have been worse informed.  Twitter is an amazing tool for my business and has helped me to grow in ways I can not even begin to images.

Like most people I tweet about anything and almost everything but I usually try and have a business related aspect to my tweets.  So, the following examples of tweeting are what I have found work for me;

  1. Blog post promotion tweets – Whenever I have a new blog post, I tweet the link to the post 2 or 3 times during the course of the day.  This way I get a little extra traffic to the blog post from people who follow me on Twitter.  That tweet is also then forwarded to Facebook so again there is a little extra blog traffic form that avenue.
  2. I tweet when I am on a job – Whenever I am shooting a job I usually tweet about where I am, what I am doing, sometimes including an iphone picture.  This way people who are either interested in photography or my wedding business can keep up to date with anything interesting/exciting I am doing.
  3. I keep in touch with other photographers – A ton of photographers use Twitter.  We tweet about our work, our lives, our adventures & mis-adventures.  I have been referred work from photographers who are already booked from twitter, and I have found other photographers to send work to when I am booked.  It’s a great way to keep in touch and keep in contact with what is going on within our community.
  4. I keep in touch with other people in the wedding industry – A lot of people who work within the wedding industry use Twitter.  Planners, caterers, florists, event venues, stationary designers, jewelers, bands, DJ’s…  They all use Twitter.  I try and follow people within the area that I like, that I have worked with and who I want to work with.  Whenever these guys tweet links to some new work they have done or about something they have upcoming; I send them a response telling them that it looks great, or that they did a great job, etc.  This way we all are kept in each others minds and then when we are looking for other vendors to refer our clients to, we know who we can go to and we know that we’ll have great people to work with!
  5. I book work on Twitter! – As unlikely as it sounds.  I have booked work from Twitter.  At least 2 weddings and a couple of other shoots I can directly attribute to the couples/clients finding me on Twitter.

So, my tips for using Twitter if you are a photographer..  Now bare in mind, I am by no means an authority on this, this is just what has worked for me;

  1. Follow people within the industry and start conversations with them about their and your work.  When you see some work they’ve done that you like, make sure you tell them!  They’ll appreciate the compliment your paying and remember you for the next time they may need your services.
  2. When you tweet, think about your wording.  Like anything on the internet, Twitter is Search Engine friendly.  So if you are working at a venue you like, include the venue in your tweet.  That way people looking for things related to that venue may come across your tweet.
  3. Be respectful.  When you are limited to 140 characters, you don’t want to be misunderstood and come across in a negative way.
  4. Tweet about your work.  Keep it interesting.  Include links to you website/blog to push traffic to the areas you want.
  5. Tweet pictures!  You are a photographer, take pictures and tweet them!  Whether you use TwitPic or Instagram or any other service, take pictures and share them, you are a photographer after all!
  6. When writing your bio, include the area where you work or the areas where you want to serve.  This way when people are scanning your bio to learn more about you they will know where your primary work area is.  And make sure you include the link to your site!
  7. Pick good bio and header pictures.  These are little windows in to you, your work and your business.
  8. Be careful what you re-tweet.  It shows up on your feed so be careful about what you want to endorse!
  9. Be active.  Make sure you tweet at least once a day.  I try to tweet around 5 times per day to make sure that I look active within the community and that I haven’t just dropped off the edge of the world.  If you have an account that has you tweeting about once every 8 weeks.  Then no-one will be interested in following you because they’ll be getting nothing from you.
  10. Be nice and make friends, it will be repaid to you in the end!

And to end, here’s a little look-see at my Twitter page.

Contact Stephen about your wedding – stephen@goslingphotography.com
View Stephen’s Wedding Portfolio – www.goslingphotography.com

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