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Shooting Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Photographer: Stephen Gosling Photography

I always thought the term ‘Destination Wedding’ was an odd one.  A destination is merely a place you go to, so technically everybody has a destination wedding, don’t they?  Getting over the semantic linguistic side of it, in the industry, from the photographers point-of-view; a ‘Destination Wedding’ is a wedding that happens in a location that is not local to said photographer.  I’m sure everyone reading this knew that, but my blog posts have a formula and here we are in the set-up stages of the post so just go along with me on this one.

So far in my career I have been lucky enough to shoot two ‘Destination Weddings’.  Both of them were in 2012; Tiffany & Sean’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico and RaeAnn & Steve’s wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


I was recently having drinks with a fellow photographer and she was mentioning how she wanted to make Destination Weddings a major part of her business.  We talked about how to go around marketing for that kind of business and it was a pretty enlightening chat.  And it got me thinking about where in the world I would like to photograph weddings.  If I had the choice; where would I like to shoot?  And this is what I have come up with; first of all locally, secondly we’ll go national and thirdly we’ll go international…

Number One.  The top 5 places I would like to shoot locally to the DC Metro area that I have not yet had the chance to shoot at;

1. D.A.R.
2. Nationals Park
3. Baltimore Aquarium
4. A vineyard or winery in Virginia (I’ve never ever shot a wedding at a vineyard or winery!)
5. Dock5 at Union Market

Number Two.  The top 5 places in the USA that I would love to shoot a wedding;

1. Austin, Texas
2. New York City, New York
3. Anchorage, Alaska
4. California – As close as possible to Sequoia National Park
5. The Pacific Northwest coast; either Oregon or Washington State

Number Three.  The top 5 places in the world where I would love to shoot a wedding;

1. Sydney, Australia
2. Bermuda
3. Thailand
4. Italy
5. Iceland

So that’s that.  This post is out in the world, and hopefully some very interesting weddings will come my way soon!

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