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What to wear for your Engagement Session

Washington DC Wedding Photographer: Stephen Gosling Photography

There are hundreds if not thousands of posts out there about what you should wear during your engagement session.  Almost every wedding photographer has written such a post and I think every wedding blog out there must have a post on the subject.  So why add my hat to this ring?  To be honest; laziness…  I get asked the question all the time; ‘what should we wear’ and I obviously don’t want the couple to look at a different website to get these answers, I want them to go to my website or blog to get those answers.  So truly as a traffic boosting measure; here are my 2 cents about what you should wear during your engagement session…

1.  An outfit change is fine! My couples often ask about an outfit change during the shoot.  I tell them to bring a casual outfit and a formal outfit, this way we can get 2 different types of looks to add variety to the shoot.


2.  You want to wear complimentary colours/styles as apposed to matching colours & styles.  This is not a family photo shoot at Sears from the 80’s; you don’t want to wear matching denim shirts and pants.  Colours and styles that go together well are what you are aiming for.  Again; complimentary, not matching!


3.  Dress comfortably.  If it is going to be 10 degrees outside; WEAR A COAT!  It if is raining; bring a cute umbrella, etc, etc…  An engagement session lasts up to 2 hours and we walk around finding the places where we are going to shoot.  So you need to be dressed comfortably for the climate and for the walk!


4.  Unless you are wearing sports jerseys as a theme to your shoot, you want to avoid wearing anything with a large logo on it.  Your engagement shoot is not an opportunity for the GAP or Nike to get some free advertising.


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