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I decided a long time ago that my blog was not the place for my personal life.  There are a lot of photographer (be they wedding photographers or others) that post a lot of content about their personal life’s.  And that is perfectly fine (I’ll admit to reading a lot of it).  It just isn’t something that works for me.  I have dabbled in it a little here and there, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  There are 3 exceptions of course; 1. Instagram: I post a monthly Instagram update as a way of making the blog not all about business.  And a lot of my Instagrams end up being behind the scenes stuff at photo work anyway, 2. Travel: It’s basically a bunch of photo’s from places I go so that’s no big deal, and 3. Sherlock: At this point he is basically an employee/company mascot anyway.  A lot of my clients will have seen him on my Instagram or blog and they often ask about him so I think he is technically business related content when it comes to the blog.  He’s lying down on my feet as I type this; that’s technically ‘being at work’ for him I think.

The whole point of this little ramble is to segue into a rare personal post.  Today I am 30 (technically I am writing this yesterday so tomorrow I am 30, but you get the point).

Birthdays have never been a big deal to me.  Sure I like getting presents and eating cake, but I’ve never been one to enjoy being the center of attention so I don’t really enjoy parties or the like.  And to deflect attention away from said-birthdays I believe it was a master stroke of mine to get married on my birthday.  Which reminds me; today is also my 8th wedding anniversary (if you need help with the math; I did indeed get married on my 22nd birthday).

Being that I am now 30 I just wanted to take a brief look back and be thankful for where I am now;

– In the past 8 years I have graduated from university
– Moved to a foreign country (Manchester to Washington DC is 3563.4 miles)
– Gotten Married
– Bought a car
– Started a business without going a penny into debt
– Gotten a puppy
– Bought a home
– Photographed a lot of amazing people
– Turned some of those great clients into wonderful friends
– Started to teach photography
– And many other happy events along the way…

So in conclusion; go out there and be happy; I know I am.


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