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Friday Favourites #4 + A Quick Look at VSCO Actions

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Heading all the way back to 2010 and Kat + Kevin’s wedding at the Rockville Rooftop / VisArts Center.

Rockville Rooftop VisArts Center Wedding

In addition to the shot above I wanted to play around with some Lightroom Presets.  I have never all that interested in the presets that are available to buy for Lightroom/Photoshop as they always seemed a little gimmicky.  But over the years I have warmed to them slightly and I wanted to check out what they can do.  VSCO offers a lot of wonderful presents that can match films from times-past so I went ahead and downloaded their free sample {click here} to see what an image would look like with a few different presets.  Take a look…


One of the great thing about photography is how subjective it can be, all of the images above, although looking very different, are all acceptable representations of the image.  Depending on your editing style you may like images with more or less contrast.  You may like images to have a warmer or cooler tone.  And that is why photographers work can look so different.  Each photographer has their own style and that is one of the unique sales points we can convey to a client.

The VSCO actions shown above might not be my cup of tea but I don’t dislike the results as much as I thought I would.  The final images would need a little tweaking to make me happy with them, but there are certainly points to each that I do like.  So I am not writing off the use of actions/presets for the future.  Who knows what form my style may evolve to over the coming years.  Let’s wait and see together!

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