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Whats new for 2016?

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Hello.  This is going to be a TL:DR post for some of you.  No worries!

I’m not sure what I am supposed to write in this moment.  But I wanted to write something so here I am, staring at the screen, figuring out what to type.

We say it annually; “wow, that year went by fast”.  How do we mark yet another year passed in our lives and also for me personally as a photographer and small business owner?  We come up with resolutions, goals, regrets…  Over the past few days I have been seeing everybody’s top 9 photos from their instagram feeds and their ‘best-of’ pictures on their blogs (which I will also be doing in 2 posts coming this/next week) and whilst I pretty much try to keep my blog posts business orientated I think this post is going to meander between business and personal.  The best ‘goals’ list I read was a few mornings ago over on facebook.  A good friend and excellent photographer Mary Kate Mckenna wrote a list of successes and what she considers to be ‘success’.  It was a post with a wonderful mix of personal and business successes and the post really resonated with me.  And whilst I am not going to totally rip-off her post and come up with a list of similar things, I am going to take inspiration from it and concentrate on things that have and will make me happy as opposed to what I believed I was supposed to do to make me feel personally and professionally fulfilled.

So here we are in year 9 of me being in the DC area and being business almost as long.  Thanks to my 2015 clients for this being my busiest and most profitable year yet.  And whilst on the face of it being profitable is a great thing, I am more thankful for what it has enabled me to do.

So what was 2015?

In no particular order…  A year that another puppy came to live with us.  A year that marked a big life and career change for my wife.  A year I had a chunk of my kneecap removed after realizing that I broken it years ago.  A year I was professionally busier than I have ever been.  A year where I shot another 12 amazing weddings for 12 wonderful couples.  A year I finally started to really lay our and write my book about photography and my journey with it.  A year I shot my biggest shoot to date.  A year I reinvested in my business with 2x new computer purchases.  I year I attended 2x photography workshops to learn new things about this profession that I love.  A year I celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary and 31st birthday.  A year where I didn’t take a vacation.

And what do I think of 2016?

A year of yet another 12-15 couples who let me in to their lives to document their weddings.  A year of marketing myself to new clients and hopefully shooting some really cool stuff for new clients (www.goslingphoto.com).  A year of writing and finishing a book and pitching that book to publishers.  A year of shooting more personal projects (which if you know any other British ex-pats; send them my way).  A year of prioritizing time with my wife and my dogs.  A year of spending more time outside.  A year of planning more travel which has been sorely lacking of late.  A year slowing down and making quality a priority instead of quantity.

I suppose we write these lists to hold ourselves accountable?  But when new blog posts are written, these posts get buried behind newer content so unless we go back and evaluate; how are we accountable?  Just a thought.

Go and make 2016 yours.  However you can.  Make your time and your connections meaningful.

Happy new year to all!

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