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32 and 10

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32 and 10. No, that is not some strange American Football revised ‘down’-system call (32nd down and 10 yards to go). That would make American Football even more boring; giving the sides unlimited downs to move zero yards.

32 and 10. This would be one of those rare personal blog posts for me. Today I have two things to celebrate; #1 – I am now 32 years old, #2 I have been married for an entire decade. 32 and 10.

I have no sage words of advice to offer from my 10 years of marriage. When it’s right, it’s right.

So happy Anniversary to Corrine, and happy birthday to me! Keep on keeping on everyone!


Oh, and for our Wedding anniversary I shall be taking my lovely wife to Greece, but we are not heading over until next year. Photos to come from that upcoming adventure!


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