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Usually when I talk with a client I can be asked a lot of the same questions, so to hopefully save everyone some time, here is a list of FAQ’s and their answers…

1. What are your packages/pricing?

To get a complete guide to my packages and pricing please get in touch by using the contact form (see link in menu) or send me an email; stephen@goslingphotography.com.  But as a quick FYI; wedding pricing begins at $3800 and can go to $7000 depending on what you need.  Most couples spend between $4500-$5500.

2. Do you shoot same-sex weddings/are you LGBT friendly?

Yes, YES and yes.  Love is love.  And that is all that matters!

3. Are you allowed to begin a sentence with and?

Yes.  I am English and therefore I get the final say on the ENGLISH language.

4. Do you have insurance?

Yes.  As a working professional I have liability and indemnity insurance.

5. Is photography your full-time gig?

Yes.  It is the only thing that I am trained to do and the only thing I know how to do.  I am 100% self employed, own and run my company, and I think I do a pretty good job.  Going back to the ‘trained to do’ comment.  I actually have a degree in Documentary and Fine Art Photography, so it really is the only thing I know how to do!

6. My wedding in not in the DC/Northern Virginia area.  Will you shoot my wedding.

You’d better believe it!  Get in touch to find out if your wedding may incur a travel fee and we’ll go from there!

7. Do you shoot things other than weddings?

Yes I do.  I split my work 50-50 between weddings and commercial/editorial work.  This way I can balance my work and not run the risk of getting burnt out by shooting 25+ weddings a year.  I shoot a maximum of 15 weddings a year but usually end up around the 12 mark.  I don’t shoot ‘double-headers’ which is what we in the wedding industry call shooting back-to-back weddings (one wedding on Saturday and one wedding on Sunday).  If you’re interested in seeing some of my commercial work then take a look here; www.goslingphoto.com.

8. Do you work with a second shooter?

Sometimes.  A second shooter is something that you can add for your wedding but it is not always needed.  I tend to shoot a lot of weddings that are on the smaller side; 50 guests or less.  And on most of those occasions a second shooter is just not needed.  For a wedding of 200+ people, that’s when a second shooter becomes a necessity.

9. Can I get an album?

Yes.  Take a look {here} for examples of albums.

10. Can I get the RAW files.


11. What equipment do you use?

TONS! I use Canon cameras and lenses.  If you’re interested in seeing a complete gear list that will be brought to, and used at your wedding take a look {here}.

12. How long do I have to wait until I get my images from you after the wedding.

You’ll have to wait a maximum of 6 weeks, but I try and hit the 3-4 week mark so you’re not waiting too long!

13. How do we book you?

You have to sign a contract and send me a retainer.  The retainer is 1/3 of the total wedding fee.

14. Can we see some reviews?

You sure can, I have some very nice reviews over Wedding Wire, Yelp and even a couple reviews on The Knot!

15. How do we receive our images?

In two ways. 1.  You get a USB drive with all the edited high-resolution images ready to print (and you get all the images in low-resolution too ready for putting online).  And 2.  You get all those high-resolution images uploaded to your own client gallery.

16. Can we print our images ourselves?

Of course!  You are given a print release so that you can print away until your heart is content.  They are your images and I want you to have them!

17. How long do you save our images?

Pretty much forever.  Your online gallery has no time limit so they are stored there.  Then all your images are also stored on 3 separate external hard-drives.  This backup redundancy ensures that I should be able to access your images for a very long time to come!

18. I see you have two awesome dogs.  What kind of dogs are they?

Sherlock and Adler are both Old English Sheepdogs and they are very entertaining.  Clients get the perk of arranging puppy play days!  Take a look at some pics of them here; http://goslingphotographyblog.com/category/sherlock/http://goslingphotographyblog.com/category/adler/.

I think that just about covers everything…  But if not, just let me know and I will answer any more questions you have.



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