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I love to talk about photography.  I have found that teaching other photographers and generally just talking photography to anyone, be they new to the game or an old hand, is just fun.  I enjoy passing what knowledge of the subject I have on to other people.  So here in my for photographers section you will hopefully find some interesting items that will peak your interest and help you along in this journey of photography.

#1 – I occasionally write blog posts geared towards photographers.  They do not come as often or as regular as I would like but I am working on that.  So for those interested; browse the ‘For Photographers‘ posts I have written.

For Photographers Blog Posts Archive.

#2 – I teach.  I work with the Art League (based out of the Torpedo Factory here in Old Town Alexandria) and teach an ‘Introduction to Photography’ class that is designed to teach you the basics of photography.  So if you are brand new and just want to know how on earth to use your camera, and just what exactly all those little buttons really do; consider giving the class a go!  Check out the info here; Introduction to Photography @ the Art League School.

#3 – I am currently not offering workshops of any kind as I can not for the life of me figure out the format that I would like for them to take.  So until then (if ever), I offer 1-on-1 sessions where we tailor the subject of the session to whatever it is you want to learn.  If you want to learn about off-camera flash, portraiture, the business side of (wedding) photography, branding, SEO, marketing, etc…  You just let me know what you want to get from the session, and we figure out a plan and get you the information you need.  1-on-1 sessions are available during the summer and winter months and you can get more information about them by shooting me an email; stephen@goslingphotography.com.

#4 – I’m writing a book.  I moved here (the DC area) in 2007 and have been working here as a photographer since then (as of 2015, 8 years and counting).  I started my business without going into a single dollar of debt.  I have turned a profit every year and have increased my profits every year.  When I was starting my business and those first few early years I wish there had been a book that was honest, blunt and frank about all the things you needed to do and all the things that were pointless to do.  So I want to write that book.  Keep watching this space.



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